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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Did you ask her about Cousin David??

The one in the orange headband? Why yes, that's my brother! Looks like he & Marisa (the lucky one, not me) were definitely there, as they took quite a few photos with some pseudo-celebrities like Lacey Schwimmer, Ruben Studdard & Chris Richardson. (I don't follow American Idol, so I barely know who the last two are.)

So, Marisa & Scott - did you ask Lacey about her Cousin David, aka Ross Gellar?? I would have!! (Former SYTYCD contestants Lacey, her brother Benji, and her cousin Heidi are all related to one of my favorite Friends!) I wonder if he attends the family reunions...

Anywhooo, TV Squad describes the event:
"About a hundred Dance Dance Revolution mats were set-up outside of the theatre, which is across from the famous Staples Center. In the front of the mats, a large screen was set-up and hooked up to an X-Box. SYTYCD also had a leader of dance to make sure everyone knew the moves. After 111 dancers played DDR for five minutes, Fox gave away a video game console, a copy of Dance Dance Revolution, and a 23" LCD flat-screen TV."
So, was my brother one of the record-breaking DDR Dancers?? He said:
"Did I move my feet to the corresponding arrows on the large TV screen? Yes.
Would I call that dancing? No."
Well, I'm still gonna watch for you on Thursday night!


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