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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"But honestly, I need to make this one count."

Since the season finale was an hour-long, this is more to give the plot-line than show all of the funny bits. They totally left out the Kevin-is-slow parts. :( But, included the Jam sadness. [sniff]


Mindi said...

yeah--the retarded kevin bit was perhaps one of my favorite storylines, ever.
i want michael to hook up with the new chick--jan is a ho-bag.

Emily said...

Um, did you forget the "Here's where Em can watch the FULL episode" clicker??? Saddly, I was on my own to find it and it was a pathetic search. But, what a GREAT episode! I'm in a serious "Office Depression".

(The "Special Kevin" bit? Perfection!!!)

Oh, ya, I'm going to call it... Toby's replacement is only humoring Michael to move up in the company. Just you wait and see!

Aimee said...

Look on to a slightly older post which highlights Michael's singing abilities... I posted the link to the full episode there. I didn't forget you!

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