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Friday, April 25, 2008

Powder Room Rehab

There are many, many projects we'd like to take on at our home, but today, I'm focused on a trivial one...

We've been thinking about upgrading a few of the details in our powder room for quite some time. This is our only bathroom on the main floor, so it gets plenty of use. It's a tiny room - just a half bath - a toilet, mirror, and pedestal sink.

Don't get me wrong, everything works just fine in there, but it's all "Builder's Special" (ie. the cheapest/dinkiest/most generic fixtures, etc.). The neck of the current faucet is too shallow for the pedestal sink to effectively wash your hands, and the toilet would be better if it were an elongated bowl. Plus, I'm not loving the cheap-version chrome everywhere (except for the light fixture - it's a lovely shade of bright yellow brass - yep, doesn't match).

Several months ago, we found the fixtures and lighting we wanted, but then the drive to do this just kind of fizzled out, and so we benched the idea for awhile. Today I took a peek online, and discovered the lighting we wanted is 40% off! It's on clearance, so I'm thinking if I don't move soon, it will be gone forever. (It took us a long time to find a lighting fixture that coordinated so well with the faucet we chose.)

So, I present to you the basic elements of what could be our new powder room for your honest opinions and insight. I'd like to go with all finishes in oil-rubbed bronze to warm up the space. But, I still can't decide if the oil-rubbed bronze finish is just trendy or classic. I definitely love it... I just don't want it to hurt us when we sell this house and all the trends point back to bright yellow brass!

Whadya think??


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