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Monday, April 21, 2008

Must Have Monday

Resurrecting the meme from Karen's blog, I'm going to try her "Must Have Monday" idea. Basically, on this blog, they'll be "good things".

So without further adieu...

SideSwipe Spatula Blade Attachment for the KitchenAid Stand Mixer

This gadget is AMAZING! Brian got this for me for Christmas, after a little hinting on my part, and I finally broke it in last week on some chocolate chip cookies. The blue silicone on the blade actually scrapes down the sides of your bowl while it's mixing, so you don't have to! In the beginning of my mixing, it didn't seem to be pulling too much off the sides of the bowl, but as my mixture became dough, it pulled everything into the center. I highly recommend this $24.95 contraption, if you use your mixer a lot.

Anyone have some tips out there for how to keep cookies advertised as "chewy" actually chewy? I specifically chose a recipe known for producing chewy cookies, I followed the recipe to a "T", let them properly cool, and then stored them in an air-tight container. Sadly, they were hockey pucks the next day - tasty hockey pucks, though.


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