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Sunday, February 03, 2008

How to get there from here

We loved the in-dash navigation system in our old car so much, we affectionately called her K.I.T.T. So, when we ended up getting a new car this past fall, we went out and purchased a portable GPS unit. We very happy with it so far, and usually only really need it when we go out exploring and don't really feel like getting lost. (Like yesterday, when we drove from Northbrook to Skokie to downtown Chicago to home, and passed by this little gem... an unfortunate name for a home improvement store, don't 'ya think?)

Anyway, I recently saw a new product written up online that has to be the coolest GPS device ever.

Virtual Cable is a "heads-up dashboard display that virtually ‘paints’ a highly visible line above the road ahead. The line curves precisely where a driver using an in-car navigation device would normally be instructed to turn. Follow the line till you reach your destination. It’s that simple."


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