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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Brian the Brain

So Brian found this toy on Buy.com, and he really seemed to like it for some reason...

Your search for the ideal roommate stops here. Not only is Brian The Brain™ not messy, but he is an artificial-intelligence (AI) electronic neural life-form with attitude to spare. When you need help with homework, he's there for you. His massive cognitive power boasts text-to-speech software with a practically unlimited speaking vocabulary. Brian's brain harbors the entire Concise Encyclopedia from Britannica®, a dictionary, a world history timeline, a digital clock with timer, a calendar and a personal organizer. He is filled with fun interactive games, mind-boggling trivia, yuk-yuk jokes and weird, useful facts. Brian The Brain is a speakerphone, too; and he will guard your privacy with his motion-sensing intruder alert. Features voice-recognition software and AI that helps him to learn who you are so he can tailor his interactions based on what you need to know, want to do or like to play. He's the roommate you never had!


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