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Sunday, November 11, 2007

"Thanks for leaving the lights on for all the INVISIBLE PEOPLE!"

Random environmental awareness...
NBC's "Green Week" was a good idea, but only really worked in this week's
"30 Rock". You can see some pretty hilarious highlights here. I'm sure they're hoping that at the very least it got America's couch potato population thinking about their effect on the environment. Hopefully each of us considers our own carbon footprint, and the small changes we can make. This frightening article has me rethinking the plethora of plastic shopping bags that we definitely reuse in the Sprik household, but still receive way too many of. (Not a reflection of my addiction to Target, of course! ;) Many of you know that one of the shopping quirks at the company I work for, is that customers must purchase or bring their own bags for their groceries at our stores... which is a great way to cut down on plastic waste. Another clever way is a non-disposable shopping bag, like the customizable ones you can now make at LL Bean.


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